Instructional Documents for Customers


Serial and authorization code instructions

  • Open EFI LIVE V8 Scan and Tune tool
  • Plug autocal or V2 into computer using USB cord
  • Make sure there is a green check mark over device icon in bottom right corner of screen

                  (You may have to click the icon for the check mark to appear)

  • Click F7: Licenses
  • When smaller window opens click F3 VINS
  • Then click copy serial and auth code.
  • Paste this information into a word doc or notepad doc.
  • Submit the information on the VIN license request form


OBD scan Instructions

You will need the following in the vehicle :


  1. V2 or autocal handheld device
  2. USB cord AND OBD II cord for autocal/V2
  3. Windows laptop with EFI live downloaded (NO tablets or mac computers)


Follow the steps below


  • Plug autocal or V2 into OBD II on truck
  • Plug USB cord from laptop to autocal
  • Turn vehicle key to the on position (2 clicks forward not running)
  • Open EFI live scan and tune tool on laptop
  • Click F4 OBD (smaller window will open)
  • Click “AUTO DETECT”
  • You should see a check mark appear that the ECM controller has been recognized.
  • Click “READ”
  • After software completes scan all vehicle data will be on the right-hand side of your screen
  • Right click on the data & click “copy all data”
  • Paste information into email and send to :



Reading stock tune file


  • Open EFI LIVE Scan and Tune Tool.
  • Plug OBD II cord into autocal and OBD port on truck
  • Plug USB cable into autocal and other end into computer usb port
  • Turn Key to ON position
  • Open EFI live scan and tune
  • Click F3 TUNE
  • F2 READ
  • Click Auto-Detect
  • Should see green check mark showing connection to truck after auto-detect
  • Select Controller you want to read ( ECM or TCM )
  • Click READ button
  • Do NOT touch anything until EFI live finishes reading ( several minutes )
  • Turn key off once script is finished
  • Wait until countdown ends
  • Click Save button
  • Save file to folder or desktop.
  • Send the "READ" File as an attachment in an email to :


*Be sure to include your First and Last name in the email and order number*


How to load a BBX file


  •  Download the latest PUBLIC release from if needed. (MUST download both V7.5 & V8.)
  • Plug autocal/V2 flashscan into computer using the USB cable.
  • Open the BBX file (it will automatically open with QUICK SET-UP MANAGER
  • Click the RED Program Quick Set-up button.
  • A green loading bar will appear on screen on screen- wait until you see a message that the BBX has been programmed successfully. CLICK OK
  • If your BBX file includes tune files they will now begin to load onto the device and a new green loading bar will appear on screen.
  • Once the tune files finish loading on the autocal/V2 you can attempt to flash your vehicle.